In a dying traditional industry due to the rise of craft beer, wine and whiskey in Japan, and the younger generation having very little interest in drinking Sake, we support smaller Artisan breweries.

To enable breweries to look overseas for distributors, retailers, bars, restaurants, hotels and businesses looking to import Japanese Sake we have

For these Craftsman with generations of history and knowledge, we are proud to offer We source from small breweries who stubbornly stand by their centuries of traditional techniques.

Bringing you True Taste Sake.

Always indebted and we hope you enjoy.


Based in the culture and Sake capital of Japan, Kyoto, HighSake buys direct to order from the Sake breweries and targets high level clients, luxury suppliers and high-end businesses seeking something a bit special….

The Pinnacle of Sake makers Craft: Limited bottle run Sake.


Our wish is for you to be proud and excited to own one of these bottles and try True Taste Sake.

Annual Production
Rarity: Ultra
Annual Production
Rarity: Ultra
Annual Production
Rarity: Ultra
Annual Production
Rarity: Ultra

» The most sought after Sake is produced in very limited production runs and is generally not publicly sold by the brewers. Sales are made by connections,

» We can offer a select few the opportunity to purchase one of these prestigious bottles,

» Under Exclusive Agreements we sell between 1-30 bottles to the world,

» Our Sake is ranked on a scale from Exclusive to Ultra Rare (under 5 bottles available worldwide),

» Each client is limited in the number of bottles they can purchase to retain the level of kudos for your Gift, Event and Experience.

Our Inspiration


From the beautiful clear waters of Hokkaido to the delicately refined Sake rice, we are inspired by the Japanese Artisan craft Sake brewers who stand by their traditional brewing methods to produce the perfect Sake.

Why Our Sake


We aim to connect you with your Sake maker and help you fully enjoy the Sake, the Culture, and the Craftsmanship behind it.

» For Dinner Parties: Be different and create conversation. For a Sake Dining Experience fly over our renowned Gion restauratuer

» For Pleasure: Own something that very few other people have, it’s all about kudos!

» For Luxury Clients: Offer true Exclusivity

» For Gifts: Show effort and give from the heart. Personalize for that extra love

» Other…………Just because you can!

EXCITING: Be Original


Wine is so every day and nowadays Champagne is…well Champagne.

Offer something new and interesting that will be appreciated and spark conversations into the exciting world of Sake and Japanese culture.

Please indulge and enjoy this new experience.

EXCLUSIVE: Drinks Snobbery


Mass produced factory alcohol has no passion, no heart behind it and limited rare bottles of wine or whiskey are just crazy prices. Our Sake is made with soul and heart but not at crazy prices.

Our Sake is different to the Sake you can buy overseas or that you may have tried in Japanese restaurants. It is all the experience of generations of brewers in one limited edition bottle created as a true representation of the brewery. In Japan it is regarded as rare, special and an honour to drink.

Our Sake is deliberately available in restricted quantities to enhance the exclusivity.

Yes this is drinks snobbery!

ELUSIVE: You can't touch this


With many thanks to our Sake sommelier and highly respected Gion restaurateur we are able to open doors to the smaller Japanese Sake breweries and give you the opportunity to own a product that is unavailable to most.

Japan has a reputation of being a very difficult country for companies to do business. It is all about who you know, your reputation and relationships built over trust and time. This is magnified when delving deep into their traditional business. HighSake is honoured to be allowed into the Sake world and privileged to be able to sell their limited bottle Sake

We have scoured Japan and travelled many thousands of miles to seek out the Sake suppliers who have unique sales points, maintain traditional brewing methods and refuse to succumb to modernization.

Custom Services


To enhance your experience:

Personalised, custom labels for your message, brand, company or event are available on selected bottles.

For a full immersive experience our renowned Gion restaurateur will fly to your location and create stunning food courses to match the Sake.

Our Commitment to You

Sake search miles
Breweries visited
Brewery Exclusive contracts

In a World where people have everything……

What is really Exclusive?

What is Real Craftsmanship?


Welcome to Japan,

Welcome to HighSake.