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The most sought after Sake is produced in very limited production runs and is not publicly sold by the breweries.


HighSake is the first business of its kind.

Under Exclusive Worldwide Agreements, We give clients the opportunity to own this rare, Limited Edition Sake.

Enjoy the pure true Artisan craftsmanship and savour the passion, dedication, knowledge and hours put into producing each bottle.

A Gift from Japan

Based in the culture and Japanese Sake capital of Kyoto, HighSake supports smaller Artisan breweries who produce exceptional Sake. We target high level clients, luxury suppliers and high-end businesses seeking something a bit special…..


The Pinnacle of Sake makers Craft: Limited production Sake.


Always indebted and we hope you enjoy,


The Prestige


Status, kudos, be original and create conversations. Stand out with a bottle that very few have.



Annual Production: 120 bottles

Exclusively available for overseas sale: 20 bottles

Rarity: WoW


Annual Production: 400 bottles

Exclusively available for overseas sale: 30 bottles

Rarity: Ultra


Annual Production: 96 bottles

Exclusively available for overseas sale: 20 bottles

Rarity: WoW


Annual Production: 380 bottles

Exclusively available for overseas sale: 28 bottles

Rarity: Ultra

Why Our Sake


Everything about Japanese Sake is what people call Artisan. Breweries go back centuries with generations of skill and knowledge. Modernization would make the brewing process more efficient, but our breweries firmly believe that automating the process destroys the passion, heart and creates a more impure Sake. For this we deeply respect them.

For over 3 years we have traveled Japan and handpicked the best. Our Japan certified Sake sommelier is our, and your, greatest Taste Asset. In her knowledge we trust our quality and taste.

» The most sought after Sake is produced in very limited production runs and is generally not publicly sold by the brewers. Sales are made by connections,

» We can offer a select few the opportunity to purchase one of these prestigious bottles,

» Under Exclusive Agreements we sell between 1-50 bottles to the world,

» Our Sake is ranked on a scale of Rarity,

» Each client is limited in the number of bottles they can purchase to retain the level of kudos for your Gift, Event and Experience.

Our Inspiration


From the beautiful clear waters of Hokkaido to the delicately refined Sake rice, we are inspired by the Japanese Artisan craft Sake brewers who stand by their traditional brewing methods to produce the perfect Sake.

Feel the Culture


We aim to connect you with Sake history, your Sake and the Sake brewery to help you fully enjoy the Sake, the Culture, and the Craftsmanship behind it.

Included with each purchase:

» Certificate of Ownership and Exclusivity

» Personal thank you from the brewery

» History of the Brewery

» Brief history of Sake

» Special notes about your Sake

» Your Sake Tasting notes

» Sake enhanced drinking guide

» 2 Beautifully handcrafted Sake cups

Own a piece of Kyoto

Ninshu hand-made Kyoto ceramics

We have teamed up with Ninshu Kyoto.

Enjoy your Sake with the beauty of a handmade cup from the historic Imperial Omuro kiln. Ninshu is appointed by Royal Warrant to the Imperial Omuro palace and is therefore honoured to use the Imperial chrysanthemum emblem which is embossed on all their cups. This signet guarantees the highest quality of Japanese fine handmade ceramics.

Examples of previous cups:

Omurosakura Ninshu ceramics Kyoto
Omuro Kotobuki ninshu ceramic kyoto
ninshu kyoto hand-made ceramic water spirit
ninshu kyoto hand-made ceramic white flow
ninshu kyoto hand-made ceramic Sokuu blue


Annual Production: 900 bottles

Exclusively available for overseas sale: 45 bottles

Rarity: Very


Annual Production: 400 bottles

Exclusively available for overseas sale: 48 bottles

Rarity: Very

Custom Services


To enhance your experience:

Personalised, custom labels for your message, brand, company or event are available on selected bottles.

For a full immersive experience our renowned Gion restaurateur will fly to your location and create stunning food courses to match the Sake.

Our Commitment to You

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Breweries visited

In a World where people have everything……

What is really Exclusive?

What is Real Craftsmanship?


Welcome to Japan,

Welcome to HighSake.

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