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A Gift from Japan

Highsake was born in Kyoto, Japan, operated by people with a passion for excellence in Japanese sake.

Limited production sake is the representation of a brewery’s and head brewer’s generations of skill and knowledge.

Highsake has obtained the exclusive rights to sell this sake to the overseas market.

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The 4 values we imbue through our sake:





We achieve this through:



Japan has a reputation of being a difficult country for companies to do business. It is all about who you know, your reputation and relationships built over time. This is magnified when delving into Japanese traditional businesses. We are honoured to be allowed into their sake world and feel privileged to be able to sell their sake to overseas clients.

Over a long period of building relationships and trust we have been able to open doors to the smaller Japanese sake breweries and give you the opportunity to own a product that is unavailable to most.

Offered under agreements, in restricted quantities, rarity is the common denominator in our sake.


Heritage and Head brewers

Our sake is made by smaller, family run Artisan breweries with centuries of history and awards.

Modernization would make the brewing process more efficient, but our breweries firmly believe that automating the process destroys the passion, heart and creates a more natural purer Sake.

All of our head brewers knowledge and skill has been honed through generations. Their skill is a true representation of a craftsman and we deeply respect them.

Each brewer has their own set of skills and ways of brewing that make each brewery’s sake unique; they are the backbone of a brewery and relied upon to consistently innovate whilst keeping the core brewery flavors.

Limited bottle sake is a concentration of their skill, knowledge and expertise refined into one perfect bottle. This bottle is regarded as a true representation of them and their brewery.

Ingredients and brewing


Our sake is sourced from breweries who use the highest level ingredients: the specially contracted rice, the koji refined over generations and the gift of perfect mineral content natural spring water. Blending these finest quality ingredients is at the forefront to produce a highly refined sake with the distinctive individual brewery flavours.

We seek out passionate head brewers who preserve time-consuming traditional brewing methods as we believe this retains the purer taste of what sake should be. The heart, time and effort put into each bottle is integral to our sake.

Community & Supplier values

In Japan there is a strong community spirit and we align with breweries who hold this closely.

Our partners try their best buy locally and support their community through education, funding and leadership community initiatives to grow the awareness of sake and the essential special rice and water used to create their unique flavors.

The brewers we work with match our ethos and values. 



We aim to create emotion and affection between our sake owners and their sake. We provide a history of each brewery and their sake, and information on the best way to enjoy drinking sake.

With each purchase also comes a personal thank you from the CEO of the brewery and we hope the brewery’s passion and spirit put into creating each bottle will come through and enhance your understanding and appreciation of owning a part of Japanese sake culture.

All natural ingredients


Gluten free



Annual Production: 120 bottles

Exclusively available for overseas sale: 20 bottles

Rarity: WoW


Annual Production: 200 bottles

Exclusively available for overseas sale: 56 bottles

Rarity: WoW


Annual Production: 600 bottles

Exclusively available for overseas sale: 112 bottles

Rarity: Very


Annual Production: 400 bottles

Exclusively available for overseas sale: 84 bottles

Rarity: Ultra
Ninshu hand-made Kyoto ceramics

Own a piece of Kyoto

We have teamed up with Ninshu Kyoto.

Enjoy your sake with the beauty of a handmade cup from the historic Imperial Omuro kiln.

Ninshu is appointed by Royal Warrant to the Imperial Omuro palace and is therefore honoured to use the Imperial chrysanthemum emblem which is embossed on all their cups.

This signet guarantees the highest quality of Japanese fine handmade ceramics.

Omurosakura Ninshu ceramics Kyoto
Omuro Kotobuki ninshu ceramic kyoto
ninshu kyoto hand-made ceramic water spirit
ninshu kyoto hand-made ceramic white flow
ninshu kyoto hand-made ceramic Sokuu blue