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Total Brewery Stock: 50

Total available for overseas sale: 20

Exclusivity: World

Head Brewers name: 田崎敏夫 (Tazaki San)

Production year: Rolling 20 year old

Rice: Tamasakae

Total Production: 200 bottles
Rarity: WoW



Vintage Rarity


The Sake


A 20 year old Vintage Sake, non-carbon filtered to emphasize the original flavor. Treasure Long Term Aged Sake has been specially stored (unlike other Aged Sakes) in a natural environment. The storage facility specially designed for this Sake is made from old-fashioned earth and stone and allows the Sake to be kept cool and gently age whilst enjoying the temperature changes of the four seasons. Treasure has a deep bright yellow color peculiar to Aged Sake and a deep aged sweet aroma which spreads gently in the mouth.

Our Accredited Sake Quality appraiser says:

A very rare gem, Treasure is a pure rice Sake and overall it has deep complex flavors reminiscent of fruit jam or bitter sweet caramel.

The aroma is similar to a deep sherry mixed with a port like taste. The flavor is woody and smoky, more like a beautifully smooth elegant port than a Sake.

Please enjoy the mystery and mastery of aging created more than 30 years.


The Brewery


Fujii Honke was established in 1831 and are honored to be the sole brewery to provide Sake for the Imperial Harvest Festival to the Japanese Imperial Court and shrines all over Japan. Based on the banks of Lake Biwa in Shiga prefecture the climate is ideal for Sake brewing. The water comes from the Suzuka mountain and takes 100 years to be filtered perfectly for brewing.

As with all our Sake Fujii stand by traditional brewing methods, for example they produce the yeast starter mash using the traditional Kimoto method instead of commercial lactic acid. This takes double the time, effort, skill and risk but produces a pure Sake. Buildings within their brewery are registered as Cultural Properties and their natural earthen walls keeps the perfect temperature and humidity for brewing.

As the previous Head of the Shiga Sake Brewery Association their hearts are is fully invested in protecting and supporting the local community. Through supporting their rice farmers, this rice produces stunningly smooth distinctive Sake. Most of their rice is also environmentally and organically grown.

Aged with a Heartfelt Natural Technique


Sake Mastery of aging.

Clients are limited to a maximum of 2 bottles. This is to ensure the exclusivity and kudos for all.


Total Production: 200 bottles

Total Available to Overseas Market: 20 bottles

Brewed by: 田崎敏夫 (Tazaki San)

Rice: Tamasakae


Production Year: Rolling 20 year old

Sake Grade: Koshu Aged Sake

Polishing Rate: 60%

Alcohol%: 18

Bottle Size: 720ml


Certificate of Ownership

Personal Thank you from the Brewery

2 Beautifully Handcrafted cups for enjoyable drinking

History of the Brewery

Tasting Notes

Sake guide for enhanced drinking

With Kindness

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