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Limited Production Sake


Limited production Japanese sake is a sake made using traditional techniques and ingredients by small, independent breweries.

These sakes are known for their unique flavours and aromas; they are highly sought after by connoisseurs around the world and are usually only sold through direct relationships.

One of the key characteristics of limited production sake is the use of high-quality ingredients.

Our artisan sake breweries source their rice and water from specific regions in Japan known for producing high-quality ingredients.

They add specially selected yeast and koji to create the complex flavours.

In addition to the exceptional ingredients, our sake is made using traditional time-consuming, labour-intensive techniques that have been honed over 1,000’s of years.

The sake is acknowledged as the true representation of the brewery.

Under World Exclusive Agreements


HighSake has spent over 7 years, sourcing, building relationships, negotiating (and a lot of bowing!) to be able to offer selected clients this most sought after sake under exclusive Agreements

Presented in a Crafted Kyoto box