Total available for overseas sale: 84 bottles


Exclusivity: Worldwide


Head Brewers name: Tanaka san


Rice: Confidential

Annual Production: 400 bottles
Rarity: Ultra


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Meticulously exceeding Sake expectations


The Sake


Boasting as the only brewery in the center of Kyoto. This is the highest quality Junmai Daiginjo of the brewery. Made from the the finest grade Yamada rice and from the famous water “GinAkemi” that is purified through the huge 33km stone under Kyoto city.

Revolution Neo is slowly brewed at low temperatures and is made using a very rare state-of-the-art centrifugal separation technique, squeezing in a non-pressurized state. Therefore Revolution is expressed in it’s purest form, without loss of it’s natural beauty and original aroma.

Accredited Sake Quality appraiser says:

Elements such as sweetness, sourness, bitterness and umami are intertwined in a complex manner, and are harmonized at a high level. The resulting superlative flavour is a mellow and clear deep taste with a fresh mouthfeel. The after taste is long, deep, rich, and beautiful. It has a fruity, slightly sweet aroma reminiscent of melon.


The Brewery


Sasaki was founded in 1893 and is the only brewer in central Kyoto. Their mission is to use traditional techniques mixed with cutting edge brewing methods, grafted in famous water, to produce an authentic Sake taste. Their Sake inherits the history and tradition of Kyoto.

Kyoto is a basin surrounded by mountains on three sides, and the water that has sunk into the ground along the bedrock of each mountain is collected in the huge rock under Kyoto. The water collected has only one exit so the accumulated water exits very slowly, little by little, producing exceptional “goodness of water”. The water is perfect for not only Sake but also makes Kyoto famous for it’s green tea.

Over the last 1000 years there has been no change in the quality and abundance of underground water. Sasaki brewery is positioned to take maximum advantage of this “goodness of water” and it is this goodness that gives their Sake a distinct flavor profile and makes their Sake of the highest quality, continuously winning awards in Japan and overseas.

Sasaki is a partner in the regional resource utilization project: To collaborate and use ingredients special to their region. Their Sake is brewed according to the food culture of the area and is made exclusively from highly polished rice grown in Kyoto and lovingly brewed at low temperatures.

A True Representation of the Brewery


Kyoto's business should be continued for passion rather than earning money


Total Annual Production: 400 bottles

Total Available to Overseas Market: 84 bottles

Brewed by: Tanaka Toyohito san

Rice: Confidential

Sake Grade: Junmai Daiginjo

Polishing Rate: 40%

Alcohol%: 16

Bottle Size: 720ml

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