rare exclusive japanese sake

Total available for overseas sale: 30

Exclusivity: World outside South East Asia

Head Brewer: 八島公令 : Korei Yashima

Rice: Yamadanishiki

Brewery: Nishiyama : 6th Generation

Total Production: 160 bottles
Rarity: WoW


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10% Drop Perfect

10% exclusive japanese sake

The Sake


A rare sake that can take only 10% from one tank. A wonderfully exclusive Daiginjo sake that takes time to collect the drops which ooze out of the mesh bag in the traditional time consuming shizuku method reserved for only the highest level of sake.

It is a gift from the god of sake.

Using the king of rice Yamadanishiki and carefully mixed with the Kurauchi Well Water (soft water) renowned for it’s really refreshing clean taste. These ingrediants delicately combined with their special Koji bring out the characteristic taste of Kotsuzumi.

Accredited Sake Quality appraiser says:

“A rare Japanese sake which delights with flavor and mouthfeel. On pouring there is a faint melon and lychee aroma. With the first sip it has a clear, clean taste, and the sweetness of fruit is harmonized well with the acidity as it spreads in your mouth. The texture is smooth, and the aftertaste leaves a fruity aroma in the mouth, and the umami gently disappears.”


The Brewery


Founded in 1849. The name Kotsuzumi was named by the famous Japanese haiku poet Takahama Kyoshi (1874-1959). The sake brewery, which has been around for generations, was also used as a cultural salon where many writers and painters gathered, including haiku poet Takahama Kyoshi. Currently, three buildings at Nishiyama Sake Brewery are registered as national tangible cultural properties.

Along with the trends of the world, NIshiyama are also changing day by day, but the “manufacturing” in Tamba will not change. Wajoryoshu, making sake is about developing people. Developing human resources who can create products with customer satisfaction in mind. The craftsmanship of this blessed environment and all of the people at the brewery work together as one to deliver old-fashioned handmade sake. From old-fashioned handmade sake to non-alcoholic products that make use of fermented rice. In all times, Nishiyama continues to push forward every day with the philosophy of providing our customers with a feeling of healing and peace.

A design with a strong presence that is one of the characteristics of Nishiyama Sake Brewery. A fantasy world expressed by Mr. Kousuke Watanuki of Muyuan. The names, letters, and bottle shapes of sake brewed by Nishiyama Sake Brewery have become a unique expression of kotsuzumi that transcends the world of sake breweries..

Rare Kotzumi japanese sake

Old-fashioned handmade Sake


Total Available to Overseas Market: 30 bottles

Brewed by: 八島公令 (Korei Yashima san)

Rice: Yamadanishiki

Rare Kotzumi japanese sake

Sake Grade: Daiginjo

Polishing Rate: 45%

Alcohol%: 17

Bottle Size: 720ml


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