Hiroshi Tashimi

Experience a Japanese Sake dining event like no other. We will fly over our chef (Hiroshi) and he will customize a dinner service to match the Sake you have bought. If you would like us to choose and pair the Sake on a course by course basis, let us know and  Hiroshi will design exquisite tastes around the Sake for each course.

Kyoto cuisine is one of Japan’s finest culinary accomplishments, conjured from water of the highest quality, vegetables of excellent flavor, exquisite color and presentation, harmonious combinations of dishware, and knife-wielding skills honed over 1,200 years. While the aesthetics and skills that inform it are deeply traditional, Kyoto cuisine continually adds new ingredients with the changing times.

Hiroshi Tashima is a chef who invents fresh variations that remain true to the soul of Kyoto cuisine. We are sure you will enjoy the culinary art of this  chef, whose mastery of Kyoto aesthetic and flavor spans a 38-year career. Treat yourself to the traditional and new flavors of Kyoto cuisine specifically matched to our special Sake.

Due to the complexity and preparation needed, Hiroshi will need access to your kitchen for a minimum of 2 days in advance of the dinner.