For Expansion of Life and Experiences

ELUSIVE: You can't touch this


We are able to open doors to the smaller Japanese Sake breweries and give you the opportunity to own a product that is unavailable to most.

Japan has a reputation of being a very difficult country for companies to do business. It is all about who you know, your reputation and relationships built over trust and time. This is magnified when delving deep into their traditional business. HighSake is honoured to be allowed into the Sake world and privileged to be able to sell their limited bottle Sake

We have scoured Japan and travelled many thousands of miles to seek out the Sake brewers who have unique sales points, maintain traditional brewing methods and refuse to succumb to modernization.

EXCITING: Be a True Original


Wine is so every day and nowadays Champagne is…well Champagne.

Offer something new and exciting that will be appreciated and spark conversations into the beauty of Sake and Japanese culture.

Please indulge and enjoy this new experience.

EXCLUSIVE: Drinks Snobbery


Mass produced factory alcohol has no passion, no heart behind it; our Sake is made with soul and heart.

Our Sake is different to the Sake you can buy overseas or that you may have tried in Japanese restaurants. It is all the experience of generations of brewers in one limited edition bottle created as a true representation of the brewery. In Japan it is regarded as rare, special and an honour to drink.

Our Sake is deliberately available in restricted quantities to enhance the exclusivity.

Yes this is drinks snobbery!

Exclusive Agreements


Our Sake is offered under Exclusive Agreements with our brewery partners.

Certificate of Exclusivity


We include a Certificate to authenticate the bottle in the series.

Restricted Purchases


To retain Exclusivity, each client is limited in number of bottles they can purchase. Contact us for exceptional enquiries.

Our Rarity Scale