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Total Brewery Stock: 102 bottles

Total available for overseas sale: 28 bottles

Exclusivity: Worldwide

Head Brewers name:  Osamu san

Rice: Special Grade AA Yamadanishiki rice

Annual Production: 380 bottles
Rarity: Ultra

A 300 year Celebration of Quality


The Sake


Celebrating the long 300 year history of this traditional brewery, 300 Azukiya Sake is an exceptionally brewed limited edition Sake. With an ultra-long 50 day first stage fermentation period this Sake has been carefully prepared from the highest quality special AA Yamada rice, proprietary yeast and clear, high mineral underground water from the Hakusen mountain. The water is a special prize of the brewery and is used to make Sake with a rich flavour and a clear taste.

The man who makes Japan’s best sake rice is Takahashi Iwao. This name is known to everyone and all other rice varieties have yet to exceed his rice. His rice is the finest Yamadanishiki rice and can only be grown in the “Special A District” of Hyogo Yokawa. This special “A” area is further subdivided and graded as A B and C. Here, in Grade “A” is the rice grown by Takahashi Iwao. If you let him make Yamadanishiki, it’s the best in Japan. He was born in 1958 and lived with Yamadanishiki all his life. There is no other Sake rice in Japan that exceeds his Yamadanishiki. Harvested Yamadanishiki is classified into five categories and, in general, 30% of the total harvested rice is “excellent”, and it is this rice all grown by Takahashi that is used to make Azukiya 300.

It was a great loss to the Sake world when Takahashi died two years ago, however his rice grows on.

Kobori Brewery’s head brewer has over 50 years of knowledge and experience. In 2018 he was honored as one of the most skilled craftsmen in Ishikawa Prefecture. He has won numerous other awards and is also known as “Mr. Perfect”. 300 Azukiya is made with the hope that it will clearly represent the prowess of the brewery, the technique of their head brewer and bring happiness to those who taste the skill of the craftsman.

Our Accredited Sake Quality appraiser says:

The exquisite taste is overlapped with the gentle and elegant scent of flowers. The multi-layered flavour slowly develops in the mouth. With a gorgeous fragrance, it is firm yet delicate and soft, with a silky impression. The taste from the highest quality rice produces a good balance between acidity and umami. With a soft mouthfeel, firm initial taste and a light and clean aftertaste. It is a beautiful, strong and gentle Sake.


The Brewery


An exceptionally distinguished brewery, Kobori Brewery won their first award in 1940 and continues to earn awards year on year. Kobori was honoured to be designated as the first geographical label for Sake by the National Tax Agency.

The brewery was built from the cedar trees in the adjoining forest and was planned as an environmentally symbiotic Sake brewery that would not impact the natural environment. The Sake brewery takes into account the closeness of nature and the appearance is in harmony with the surrounding environment

The brewery is located at the foot of the Hakusan Mountain, which has long been known as a brewing place blessed with good water. The water runs through the Hakusan pass, a huge natural water purifier, and this naturally filtered water is then is pumped up to the brewery from the forest below the mountain.

Kobori place a very strong emphasis on their bonds with their Sake rice farmers and so are supplied with the highest grade rice.

Striving for Sake excellence and devoted to outstanding rice


Taste 300 years of Craftsmanship

Clients are limited to a maximum of 2 bottles. This is to ensure the exclusivity and kudos for all.


Total Annual Production: 380 bottles

Total Available to Overseas Market: 28 bottles

Brewed by: Osamu San

Rice: Yamadanishiki


Sake Grade: Junmai Daiginjo

Polishing Rate: 40%

Alcohol%: 17

Bottle Size: 720ml


Certificate of Ownership

Personal Thank you from the Brewery

2 Beautifully Handcrafted cups for enjoyable drinking

History of the Brewery

Tasting Notes

Sake guide for enhanced drinking

With Kindness

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