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Total Brewery Stock: 113 bottles


Rice: 100% Yamadanishiki rice

Annual Production: 900 bottles
Rarity: Very

Stubbornly sticking to handcrafting and nurturing with care


The Sake


A very rare Sake located at the highest peak of the Rokkon series. Deservedly winning the Gold at the Fine Sake awards. It is a valuable limited edition, released only when their Sake is perfect. Using a very traditional, time-consuming drip method to obtain the Sake, it is a luxurious Sake in a beautifully designed box.

A very famous Japan Buddhist teacher told of the 5 roots representing the 5 senses but for people to know the truth and feel true reality, they must use their mind in conjunction with these senses: this is the 6th sense. In the brewing of this Sake, the mind, heart and passion are put into the brewing Sake and so they named it Rokkon: 6 senses.

Our Accredited Sake Quality appraiser says:

With an elegant, delicate, fruity, colourful Ginjo scent and a distinctive, deep juicy taste. The flavour of the rice combined with the elegant fragrance produces a voluminous mouthfeel. This fully-bodied, premium Sake represents the pinnacle of the Rokkon bold and distinctive style. The warmness of the mouth expands the umami flavour and the taste spreads to fill the mouth.


The Brewery


Matsumidori Sake Brewery started with the creation of “Shubo”, the yeast fungus essential in the brewing of Sake, in the Edo period (1603-1868). They then moved into the production of Sake. They are a very traditional maker who spares no time and effort, keep to traditional techniques and do not rely on machines. This keeps their senses sharp and their Sake the purest.

Matsumidori is grateful for the grace of nature that is Aomori prefecture and their Sake is nurtured gently, adhering to the teachings of their predecessors and therefore they continue to produce the same unchanging highest quality Sake.

Their water is drawn from the underground river and comes direct from Iwaki mountain. The water is soft, full of minerals and pure. Their rice is carefully prepared and is selected from only the highest quality.

Through the skills of their Artisan Head brewer and repetition of trial and error they continue to search for Sake that gives fresh surprises.

Sake to drink; to drink with the peace of mind


And in Sake, the spirit of the maker is inhabited

Clients are limited to a maximum of 2 bottles. This is to ensure the exclusivity and kudos for all.


Total Annual Production: 900 bottles


Rice: Yamadanishiki


Sake Grade: Junmai Daiginjo

Polishing Rate: 40%

Alcohol%: 17

Bottle Size: 720ml


Certificate of Ownership

Personal Thank you from the Brewery

2 Beautifully Handcrafted cups for enjoyable drinking

History of the Brewery

Tasting Notes

Sake guide for enhanced drinking

With Kindness

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