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Total Brewery Stock: 32 bottles

Total available for overseas sale: 20 bottles

Exclusivity: Worldwide

Head Brewers name: Fujimoto san

Rice: 100% Yamadanishiki rice

Annual Production: 96 bottles
Rarity: WoW



Ultra Rare 72 litres Achievement of Fine Taste


The Sake


They say their Sake is made by God’s announcement and their philosophy is “Wajo Ryoshu” (with workers harmony, so perfect Sake can be produced).

From Fujimoto brewery we are proud to offer ShiSui- a super limited Daiginjo Sake of only 72L. It is made from 40% Yamada Nishiki rice and refined using the traditional drip method to produce the perfect flavour by gravity alone. This method known as “shizuku” is occasionally used for the finest Daiginjos. Shizuku literally means “droplets,” “free run,” or lack of pressing altogether. The pre-filtered Sake is hung in a mesh bag and suspended. Only the liquid which slowly drips through is bottled. The finished product is ethereal and seamless. Fujimoto then slowly age ShiSui in a 2 degree refrigerator.

In addition, Sake is usually carbon filtered to make Sake colourless and to remove miscellaneous tastes; but not with this brewery. Their belief is that carbon filtration influences the purity of the Sake and is, in some ways, cheating. By not carbon filtering it is a sign of confidence in their quality and pureness.

Our Accredited Sake Quality appraiser says:

A Daiginjo characterized by a rich ginjo aroma and a light but deep taste. It has a smooth, clear drinking mouth feel. The balance is important, and here the tastes harmonize and develop to finally produce a richness on the throat which is very refreshing.


The Brewery


Founded in the middle of the Edo period, Fujimoto is a very old Sake brewery located in Mizuguchi-cho. The founder was disheartened at the lack of good quality Sake, so in 1763 he dug a deep well at the Yamamura Shrine and discovered premium water with a high mineral content. This water was used in the founding days and continues to be used as the main water today. The water was named Shinkai. Fujimoto sources only the best rice: Yamada Nishiki rice is proud and gentle, Tamaei is strong and hard and Nipponharu is relaxed and friendly, Fujimoto Sake expresses the character of each rice honestly.

The founder’s philosophy of “Wajo Ryoshu” is still closely adhered to and practiced today. Wajo Ryoshu describes how by working in harmony and with nature then the best Sake can be brewed. Fujimoto always keeps in mind that a smooth human relationship is essential to put feeling into each bottle they produce and into the hearts of their customers.

Without hesitating time and effort


Working in Harmony

Clients are limited to a maximum of 2 bottles. This is to ensure the exclusivity and kudos for all.


Total Annual Production: 96 bottles

Total Available to Overseas Market: 20 bottles

Brewed by: Fujimoto Nobuyuki san

Rice: Yamadanishiki

fujimoto-shisui-rare-japanese-sake-in-box-with lid

Sake Grade: Junmai Daiginjo

Polishing Rate: 40%

Alcohol%: 17

Bottle Size: 720ml


Certificate of Ownership

Personal Thank you from the Brewery

2 Beautifully Handcrafted cups for enjoyable drinking

History of the Brewery

Tasting Notes

Sake guide for enhanced drinking

With Kindness

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