A Gift from Japan

Truly Exclusive.

Based in the culture and Japanese Sake capital of Kyoto, HighSake supports smaller Artisan breweries who produce exceptional Sake.

We target high level clients, luxury suppliers and high-end businesses seeking something a bit special…..


The Pinnacle of Sake makers Craft: Limited production Sake.


Truly Artisan.

Our brewery partners go back centuries with generations of skill and knowledge. Modernization would make the brewing process more efficient, but our breweries firmly believe that automating the process destroys the passion, heart and creates a more impure Sake.

For this we deeply respect the True Artisans.


Always indebted and we hope you enjoy,


Our Inspiration


From the beautiful clear waters of Hokkaido to the delicately refined Sake rice, we are inspired by the Japanese Artisan craft Sake brewers who stand by their traditional brewing methods to produce the perfect Sake.

Our Sake


All natural Ingredients


Gluten free


The main ingredients are rice, water and koji (the natural agent to breakdown the rice starch to sugar). Each ingredient is specific to the brewery, therefore each base taste is a unique flavour to each brewery.

(i) The rice is specially grown rice for Japanese Sake and breweries contract with their own farmers to produce rice to their specifications.

(ii) The water is an essential component of their Sake flavour and breweries often set up close to rivers and mountains so they have access to the purest and best water.

(iii) The Koji is usually an in-house secret to each brewery and cultivated over generations of trial and error.

Putting these components together is the job of the Head brewer, and so you have True Artisan Craftsmanship.

We aim to bring you True Taste Sake meaning the highest quality Japanese Sake. Over the last 5 years we have visited many, many breweries in an effort to find this for you.

Negotiations have taken a long time and the associated difficulties in dealing with a closed industry steeped in history and culture have been a challenge, but we are now honoured to be allowed to offer you their limited bottle Sake: A true representation of the brewery.

Our Japan certified Sake sommelier is our, and your, greatest Taste Asset. In her knowledge we trust.

About Us

So what will seem like a strange mix of people (and it is!) came together with the aim of supporting local, time-honoured Japanese businesses and culture.

We are inspired by the Craftsman, traditional business thinking and processes.

We are passionate about spreading Japanese culture and we like to hope we can offer a new way for these old businesses to spread their knowledge and experience for others to enjoy. 

Kyoto Sake Staff




Hiroshi is a well-known and respected  restaurateur with over 40 years experience in the culinary capital of Kyoto (and Japan!): Gion.

He is a member of the organic society, a devout non-user of the microwave and believes in all things fresh and goodness.

His knowledge and experience in the food and drinks sector, his passion for authentic Japanese tastes and long history in dealing with traditional Japanese suppliers is a major asset to the team.

Hiroshi’s reputation is essential in opening the doors not available to most and in navigating negotiations with our Sake brewery partners.


Wiseness 90%
Business Knowledge 80%
Innovation 70%



Kazuha has a heart for all that is food and drink!

She is a Certified Sake quality appraiser and a qualified pastry chef from the Le Cordon bleu school. She is also a Certified Sake Brewer.

Her knowledge and experience ensures we choose the finest quality Sake for our clients.

She  is-obviously!-our Chief Taster and Sake advisor for the team.


Sake knowledge 90%
Business Experience 80%
Negotiation 70%



Darren is a Japanophile (which is not a rude thing) a long time resident and lover of Japan and its deep culture and society quirks.

He seems to have a penchant for the alcohol business as his first business was an alcohol delivery service.

His businesses and articles have been published in national and international newspapers and websites including:
The BBC, The Guardian, Daily Mirror, Daily Express, Heat, Front magazine, AsiaOne, CNN money, Digima, New Strait Times, The Star (Malaysia).

Additionally he was honoured to have a business biography on wallstreetreporter.com and to be quoted by the Malaysian prime minster in his keynote speech for the Malaysian International Franchise Show.


Problem Solving 90%
Marketing 80%
Strategy 70%
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